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Аренда самолета

Pilatus PC-12 NGX


Year of manufacture 2020
Flight range, (km) 3,426
Cruise speed, (km/h) 537
Maximum number of passengers 6

Internal dimensions

Cabin length, (m) 5.16
Cabin height, (m) 1.47
Maximum cabin width, (m) 1.52
Baggage compartment volume, (m3) 1.13


Private jet description

Pilatus PC-12 NGX is a new version of Pilatus PC-12 NG, legendary turbo-prop aircraft. PC-12 series aircraft are in production since 1991.

Pilatus PC-12 NGX interior

Passenger cabin was fully re-designed and now its style and functionality are close to Pilatus flagship - PC-24 model. Passenger seats are now higher and can be reclined to practically smooth surface. Side panels were re-shaped and that made possible to give passengers extra space on head level.

Pilatus PC-12 NGX interior

Pratt & Whitney PT6E-67XP engine is mounted on PC-12 NGX. This engine has 5% more power and that made possible to increase cruise speed, climb speed and land on shorter runways. In combination with possibility to land on unpaved runways PC-12 NGX is one of the most versatile aircraft for private charter flights. It can operate more than 21,500 airports worldwide.

Pilatus PC-12 NGX

NGX is equipped with full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system. This system makes possible to use engines in most effective mode. Also new engine cruise mode is introduced – Low Speed Prop. During stable cruise flight it is possible to decrease engine rotations to lower noise level in passenger cabin. Fuel before delivery to the engine passes through special double circuit where engine oil heats fuel. This make possible not to use special fuel additives.

Pilatus PC-12 NGX cockpit

Pilatus PC-12 NGX price

Price of new Pilatus PC-12 NGX with VIP interior is currently 5.3 million USD.

We are happy to offer private jet rental of Pilatus PC-12 NGX for single charter flights, program of flights or long-term rental for a period starting from 3 months. In case you would like to purchase Pilatus PC-12 NGX we are ready to consult on purchase and operation process and assist in purchase, start of operation and management of your private jet. We can organise charter sales of your private jet when you do not use it and profit from these flights would cover some part of private jet ownership expenses.

Pilatus PC-12 NGX interior

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