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Helicopter Hire

Private Helicopter Hire

Enhance your lifestyle and be whisked away by private helicopter hire to your destination. Save yourself time and avoid unnecessary stress whether you want to go to a special event, a sporting event, an airport for a long haul holiday or escape for a romantic weekend.

Or maximise the hours in your working week. Use your time to maximum effect and improve your company’s productivity. Avoid wasting your time travelling to different meetings and offices, being stuck in traffic or left waiting with rail delays. More business travel is being carried out using private helicopter as it is easy to book and is becoming more cost effective in the current economic climate.

With private helicopter hire, it becomes possible to get to those destinations where no roads go. A private helicopter needs only a small space on the ground to land (25 to 30 meters long and wide, with a hard surface). It is most effective to hire a helicopter for 200 to 300 kilometer routes – there are usually no aircraft flights for such routes and going by car takes too much time. For example, it is only a private helicopter that will take you from Monaco to Olbia in 1 hour 45 minutes.

Private helicopter hire:

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