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Аренда самолета

Private Jet Charter

You can order private jet charter and fly to any destination exactly when you need. Private jet charter helps save the most valuable resource – your own time.

Long term private jet lease

Long term private jet lease is a rental of certain private jet for the period starting from 3 months. Private jet lease makes possible to get all the benefits of own private jet, but you do not have to buy it and invest millions of dollars in it.

Private Jet Sharing

Private Jet Sharing is a compromise between premium flight level and costs. Jet Sharing is a use of a single jet by several passengers. All costs for flight organization and performance are shared between several passengers.  

Helicopter Hire

Enhance your lifestyle and be whisked away by private helicopter hire to your destination. Save yourself time whether you want to go to a special or sporting event or escape for a romantic week.

Travel concierge

Regardless of whether you are going for a holiday or on a business trip, we will provide you with suitable hotel and private jet flight options. There is no need to turn to several companies that organise your flight, transfer and hotel or villa reservations. 

Onboard Catering

It is very important for us that you feel absolutely comfortable during the flight. That is why we try to determine your preferences, so that on board the aircraft you could enjoy your favorite glass of wine or whiskey with your favorite dishes.

VIP Class Transfer

SkyRevery VIP transfer services provide top of the range luxury vehicles for smooth and stylish transfers all around the world. A wide range of vehicles to suit your transport needs can be provided. From S-Class Mercedes for airport transfers and chauffeur-driven Bentleys to luxury coaches for large groups. 

Private Jet Sales and Management

It is not easy to choose and buy an aircraft, as you have to take into account a variety of factors. But you can free yourself of all these issues allowing the professional and quality–passionate staff of SkyRevery to solve all of them.


Empty Legs is a smart possibility to take a one-way flight on a private jet with a significant discount. An "empty leg" appears when a private jet is flying empty on its way to pick up passengers or after dropping off passengers. Sometimes it is possible to buy such flight with up to a 50% discount from the regular flight price.

Corporate Charter

Corporate charter is an ideal solution for transferring by air a large group of passengers. Whether you are a collegiate sports team or a group of business professionals, we have a variety of aircraft within our fleet to accommodate group travel.