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Corporate Charter

Корпоративный чартер

Corporate charter is an ideal solution for transferring by air a large group of passengers. Whether you are a collegiate sports team or a group of business professionals, we have a variety of aircraft within our fleet to accommodate group travel. It is very likely that there would be no tickets for scheduled flights in such amounts or that there are no direct flights to your destination.

In such cases the smartest idea is to use corporate jet charter. Corporate jet charter ensures that you will be on time where you need to be. You will escape an overcrowded registration procedure, the aircraft will depart as scheduled as we organise flights according to the passengers’ schedule and strictly follow it. You will be offered a comfortable aircraft for your charter flight. It is possible to organise any type of catering on board, and attentive flight attendants will do everything possible so that the flight goes smooth and easy.  With corporate jet charter flights you can be sure that your passengers will spend time during the flight as they want – preparing in a comfortable atmosphere for the event or having a good rest.

The price of corporate charter of an airliner is comparable to the price of purchasing a ticket for a scheduled flight for each passenger. In case of complicated routes, it can be even lower than for scheduled flights.

As an on-demand charter flights provider, we have access to a wide network of corporate charter aircraft, from large turboprops to airliners. We can always offer the most appropriate sized aircraft for your needs. Our employees have been specifically trained to handle every aspect of your group charter flight – from ground transportation and additional security to in-flight catering.

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