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On April 1, a new tax for private jet passengers comes into force in the UK. The tax will be calculated based on the number of passengers and the takeoff weight of the aircraft. 

Aircraft with take-off weight less than 5.7 tons will be exempt from this tax. With a take-off weight of less than 20 tons, the passenger tax rate will be from 28 to 140 US dollars, for a passenger of an aircraft weighing more than 20 tons and the number of seats up to 19 will pay from 77 to 560 US dollars. Operators operating a large number of flights from the UK are required to register with the tax authorities. If the number of flights does not exceed 12 per year, then a simplified reporting system is provided.

The effectiveness of this measure is rather controversial. A similar tax was introduced in the Netherlands in 2008 and was canceled a year later due to the fact that the losses from its effect were 4 times higher than the amount of fees. A similar tax in Italy, however, continues to exist.