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Аренда самолета


The American company Piper Aircraft presented three six-seat single-engine aircraft with business-class cabins, which will differ from each other in flight range, avionics and a set of options. The M600 is designed to cover 556 km longer than the M500, while the M500 can take more payload, 770 kg versus 544 kg on the M600. The M350 is less speedy than its counterparts, but it can cover longer range, even than the M600, 79 km more.

The M600 was equipped with a more powerful 600 hp engine, equipped with touch screens and G3000 avionics. The maximum range of this aircraft is 2,408 km, and the cruising speed is 482 km per hour. The manufacturer has also worked on a new wing design that is more streamlined. The estimated cost of this aircraft will be 2 million 820 thousand US dollars. The manufacturer is going to begin deliveries of this aircraft already in 2015.

On the M500, the manufacturer supplied the same engine as on the M600, but its power will be only 500 hp, and they also save on avionics, they put the G1000 there. The cost of this aircraft is 2 million 260 thousand US dollars.The M350 was equipped with a 350 hp engine. The cruising speed of the aircraft will be 395 km/h with a range of 2 thousand 487 km, payload 593 kg, equipped with G1000 avionics, an improved security system and an electronic system for determining the amount of fuel. The cost of this aircraft will amount to 1 million 150 thousand US dollars.

Piper Aircraft is currently in the process of obtaining type certification for these models from the US Federal Aviation Administration.