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Аренда самолета


Recently, Emirates Airlines, together with its subsidiary Flydubai, have experienced explosive growth. It was this growth that prompted the Dubai airport administration to begin developing a plan to withdraw all private jet operators from the airport.

An open letter was sent to operators of private jets, which stated that the airport was significantly congested and that it was impossible to provide the number of slots required by business operators. The main argument was the fact that Emirates Airlines receives at least 3 new liners every month and this directly significantly affects the airport's congestion.

Dubai World Central was proposed as an alternative airport. But the location of this airport does not quite meet the requirements of private jet customers. It is located in the industrial part of the city and is significantly removed from the business part. 

As a small concession for business operators, a small number of flights from Dubai airport will be allowed over the next few years. But at the moment it is not clear how many slots can be discussed.