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Private aviation PC-12NGX

New turbo-prop private aircraft model by Pilatus was presented recently - PC-12NGX.

First model of PC-12 family operation started in 1994 and for the time being passed through several modernizations. But PC-12NGX differs from previous models greatly.

PC-12NGX has a new engine which shown 5% more power. Also, FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) is installed. These adjustments increased climb speed, maximum cruise speed and decreased minimum required runway length.

Engineers also succeeded in solving an issue with fuel. Previously to ensure that fuel is of certain physical condition at the flight altitude with negative temperatures special additives were used. Now fuel is heated via special second circuit with heat from oil and no additives are needed.

Flight safety of PC-12NGX is also at higher level. Cabin avionics set has touch screens that make all processes more intuitive. Generally, avionics set now is the same as on light and mid-size private jets. New functions were added, for example, smart landing process, emergency descending mode and night maps mode. It is also possible to install TCAS second generation now.

Cabin PC-12NGX

Passenger cabin was fully re-designed and shares the same style with top jet model PC-24. Passenger seats increased in height and can be converted to fully flat sleeping places. Side panels structure was adjusted and now passengers can enjoy more space around. New windows of PC-12NGX are 10% more in size compared to previous model.

Base price of PC-12NGX starts form 5,3 million USD.

Cabin PC-12NGX