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Today, the first updated Citation X was rolled out of the Cessna production hangar in Kansas. The company did not name the updated Citation Ten aircraft, as it was announced in 2010, but decided to keep the now familiar and recognizable name Citation X. 

What is the Citation X associated with? With the high cruise speed. And this is exactly what Cessna has again emphasized in the updated aircraft. The declared top speed is Mach 0.935, which, according to manufacturers, should allow the Cessna X to once again become the fastest private jet. Let us remind you that with the release of the new Gulfstream G650, this particular aircraft began to be considered the fastest.

In the updated version, the cabin was lengthened and the maximum flight range was increased up to 6,000 kilometers. The aircraft is capable of flying at altitudes up to 15,000 meters, which avoids interfering with commercial airlines and avoiding bad weather zones. Also on the updated Cessna X wingtips appeared, which reduced fuel consumption. 

The aircraft is currently undergoing flight tests. The type certification is expected by the end of 2013.