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Аренда самолета


In the near future, Tyumen Airport will acquire a new hangar for storing private jets. Currently, the administration of the Roshchino airport has announced a tender for the construction of a new facility. Acceptance of applications for the competition will continue until May 10. The initial, it is the maximum, the amount of the contract - 18,969,578 rubles. According to Vladimir Polyakov, general director of the Roshchino airport in Tyumen, the hangar will be managed not by airlines, but by the airport itself. This will allow you to earn additional funds.

According to the data provided by the airport, up to 900 private jet takeoff and landing operations are handled through the Tyumen port per month. Local flights in the region should also be taken into account, including flights of private owners of small aircraft.“General directors are flying in the north. They often call us and ask if there is a place in the hangar, they are ready to pay for parking. The hangar, by the way, will play the role of not only an "air garage", but also a VIP terminal. Why drive a person through the airport if a road will be laid directly to the plane. We'll put a metal detector frame, an introscope, a video surveillance system - and that's it,” - Mr. Polyakov comments.

According to the terms of the contract, the construction of the hangar must be completed 120 days after the conclusion of the contract with the contractor.