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Learjet 75 Liberty

According to industry analytics after removal of COVID-19 restrictions there is high probability of increase in light private jet sector. The tendency can influence new and pre-owned light private jet sales as well as increase in one-time private jet charter flights on light jets. This assumption is made based on probable increase of scheduled flights fear and intention to use business jet charter flights that offer higher privacy.

Bombardier model Learjet 75 Liberty is outstanding in light private jet segment and there are certain reasons. Liberty version differs from standard Learjet 75 in more possible flexibility when it comes to aircraft configuration and additional options. Basic Learjet 75 Liberty has less options in comparison to standard one and cabin is designed for 6 passengers instead of 8 passengers. Cabin consists of classic 4 seats club zone in the tail part and 2 seats with improved comfort for 2 passengers in the front part instead of 2 club zones totally for 8 passengers in previous Learjet 75 model. Such an approach made possible to decrease price for 3 million USD and offer a light private jet with “under 10 million USD” price tag. Bombardier plans to attract new client with such an approach for purchase of Learjet 75 Liberty.

If we take technical side of Liberty version is still the same as of standard Learjet 75 with flight range of 3,800 kilometers and cruise speed of up to 850 kilometers per hour. Bombardier Vision is installed in Learjet 75 Liberty with new avionics set Garmin G5000. Start of Learjet 75 Liberty deliveries is planned for this year.

Current start price of Bombardier Learjet 75 Liberty is 9,9 million USD. In case you have interest in purchasing Learjet 75 Liberty we are ready to consult you or organize the whole purchase procedure, operation and commercial sales for the dates when you are not using your private jet.