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Gulfstream G700 test flight

4th test aircraft of new Gulfstream flagship G700 performed its first test flight. During this flight cruising altitude of 12,497 meters was achieved and top speed of 0.89 Mach. This prototype will be used for tests of hydraulic systems, avionic system and other equipment.

Gulfstream performs large scale test program to make sure that aircraft does not have even minor issues connected with early stage of production. Such approach makes possible to find possible issues at the stage of development and solve them even before production and deliveries start. That is the way Gulfstream outperforms the Client'’ expectations.

At the moment fleet of four Gulfstream G700 prototypes has performed more than 600 flight hours of test flights. During these test flights cruise altitude and speed were surpassed significantly – 16,459 meters and 0.99 Mach.

Several more test aircraft will be involved shortly in tests of cabin and cabin equipment systems.