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Falcon 6X private jet

The first Falcon 6X aircraft, put into service and serving as a demonstrator, has embarked on a world tour, offering current and potential customers the opportunity to get closer and familiarize themselves with its spacious cabin.

The launch of the Falcon 6X, equipped with two engines and capable of covering a range of 5,500 nautical miles, took place in 2018. It entered production in December 2020 and made its maiden flight in March 2021. It's worth noting that this event is critical considering the demanding environment of the aviation industry, which faces increasing criticism for its environmental impact.

Certifying this business jet was not easy, especially following the issues with the Boeing 737 Max. However, it became the first aircraft to pass inspection and obtain a safety certificate post those incidents. This sparked discussions and a review of certification procedures to ensure aircraft safety not only in the USA but also in other regions.

Despite a decline in purchase interest in 2023 compared to previous years, Dassault Aviation believes that releasing the 6X into the market will boost demand. The company hopes that allowing customers to evaluate the aircraft in flight will increase interest. However, supply chain challenges and difficulties in hiring staff significantly impact production, and Dassault Aviation plans to fulfill its commitments to customers by delivering 35 Falcon aircraft in 2023.

Thus, the introduction of the Falcon 6X occurs during a period of significant challenges for business aviation. However, the company expresses confidence in its successful prospects. They hope for increased demand and sales due to this new innovative product, representing a significant step in the aviation world, demonstrating that this industry is moving forward despite the complexities and challenges it faces.