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Аренда самолета


Recently, in connection with the bankruptcy of Hawker Beechcraft and its division, ways of further existence and development are being worked out. 

Beechcraft plans further developments for the Bonanza and Baron piston aircraft. They want to create and commission diesel and turboprop engines for them. Moreover, in addition to installation on new aircraft, such engines can be installed on those already in operation as an upgrade. Pratt & Whitney is expected to manufacture these engines.

Beechcraft Executive Vice President Sean Vick has announced the Pilatus PC-12 rival. It will be a single-engine turboprop aircraft with an elongated fuselage, wingtips and T-shaped empennage. The aircraft will be equipped with a cargo hatch and will carry 8-11 passengers, depending on the configuration of the cabin. The cruising speed is planned to be about 550 km/h. 

Sean Vick also announced the company's objectives for the next ten years - to expand the range of manufactured models to 10 and the number of aircraft produced to 600 per year.