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Аренда самолета


Time has shown that the Hawker 800 series is extremely reliable in operation. Despite the fact that they have long been out of production, more than 600 private jets of this type are operated in the world. Rockwell Collins, which avionics is installed in Hawker private jets, has recently certified to install its Pro Line 21 complex on the Hawker 800 instead of the standard Pro Line II.

Pro Line 21 is installed on modern Hawker 850 XP and Hawker 900 XP models. With the new complex, pilots get 4 multifunctional LCDs instead of 2 electric beam screens. They can display in high resolution maps, information about weather and fronts, navigation information and soon the image from the synthetic vision system (after installing the appropriate additional equipment). All this will raise flight safety to a higher level due to better situational awareness of the crew.