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Anniversary Falcon 8X private jet delivery

Anniversary 60th Falcon 8X was delivered to its owner recent days. This private jet would be registered in aviation registry of Luxemburg. Delivery of first Falcon 8X took place in October 2016. Most Falcon 8X are delivered and operated in the US, then follow in terms of number of operated aircraft Switzerland, Denmark and Belgium. Falcon 8X is also operated in India, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Turkey, Great Britain, Chine, Greece and UAE. 10 Falcon 8X are at the final stage of production now.

Falcon 8X is the flagship private jet model of Dassault in ultra-long range class. Cruise speed of Falcon 8X can be up to 1100 kilometers per hour and flight range is close to 12 000 kilometers. According to manufacturer new adjusted wing model and new engines make it possible to decrease fuel consumption for 30% in comparison to other ultra-long range jets. Three engine configuration increases flight safety and thrust that is important when taking off from short runways and high-altitude airports.

Falcon 8X has longest passenger cabin in its class and 30 cabin layout options are available for order with three passenger cabin zones, several types of kitchens, crew rest zone, bedroom with full size bed and shower cabin.