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Private jet charter Simferopol

Private jet charter Simferopol

For the last 6 years Simferopol turned to a very popular destination at the south of Russia, both for leisure and business. Simferopol airport runway is 3,702 meters in length and that makes possible to perform flight to Simferopol on any type of business jet. In autumn and spring fog is a very common weather event and it can case change of schedule as visibility might be below minimum conditions.

Private jet passengers use special VIP lounge with separate entrance that is located between passenger terminals A and B.

Our company regularly performs private jet flights between Simferopol and Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other Russian cities. There is an issue with flights to Simferopol. Due to sanctions it is possible to fly to Simferopol only from Russian cities, international flight is not possible. Also, not all private jets can perform flights to Simferopol due to registrational limitations. We have access to all private jets that are authorized to land at Simferopol and can provide you with a quote within 30 minutes.

Travel concierge

Our company provides full travel concierge services in Simferopol.

Hotels and villas booking
  • Villa Elena
    Aquamarine Resort & SPA
    Hotel Oreanda
    Mriya Resort & SPA
    Riviera Sunrise Resort & Spa
    Crimea Breeze Residence
Car VIP transfer
  • Mercedes-Benz V-class
  • Mercedes-Benz S-class
  • Mercedes-Benz Maybach
Private helicopter charter
  • Robinson R44, 2014, 3 seats
  • Eurocopter AS350, 2013, 5 seats
  • Eurocopter EC120, 2015, 4 seats
  • Ми-8МТВ, 2011, 12 seats

Private jet charter Simferopol

Private jet rental Simferopol:

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