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Private Jet Sharing

Место на частном самолете

Private aviation is gaining more and more popularity lately. And this is very logical as only this type of flights can offer top privacy level, much higher that business and first class on scheduled commercial flights. Private jet passengers pass pre-flight and post-flight procedures in dedicated VIP terminals. It is possible to arrive at the airport just 30 minutes before departure time. Only small groups of passengers are on board, usually not more than 10 passengers. On-board service and catering are also of premium level. Private jet cabin has all that might be needed to make your flight really comfortable. But private jet charter is quite expensive.

We offer a compromise between premium flight level and costs. It is called Jet Sharing. Jet Sharing is a use of a single jet by several passengers. In this case all costs for flight organization and performance are shared between several passengers. To make this process more formal and simple we offer this service in “by seat” charter sales format.

How does Jet Sharing work?

- You send us a request for a Jet Sharing flight.

- We check all the details about current status of travel to a certain country in terms of documents, regulations and conditions.

- We put you in the passenger list for a flight on a certain date and route.

- As soon as we archive minimum number of passengers needed for the flight to be performed, we call you, sign an agreement and ask you for all the documents necessary for the flight.

- On-board catering is provided according to your wishes.

- You arrive to the private jet terminal 30 minutes before scheduled departure time.

For more detailed information about Jet Sharing flights you can call as or send an e-mail.

Private Jet Sharing:

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