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Аренда самолета

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ)


Year of manufacture 2014
Flight range, (km) 11,519
Cruise speed, (km/h) 850
Maximum number of passengers 19

Internal dimensions

Cabin length, (m) 24.13
Cabin height, (m) 2.16
Maximum cabin width, (m) 3.53
Baggage compartment volume, (m3) 21.30


Private jet description

Boeing Business Jet is a special version of wide-body airliner produced by Boeing to be used for private jet charter flight. Boeing Business Jet is based on model Boeing 737. There are also versions of Business Jet that are based on other models: BBJ-747, BBJ-757, BBJ-767, BBJ-777 and even BBJ-787. Boeing Business Jet has been in production for almost 25 years. Operation of first BBJ started in 1996.

Boeing business jet Interiour

Boeing BBJ has additional fuel tanks that increase maximum flight range and makes possible to perform flights more than 10 hours long and cover distance of 11,000 kilometers.

Boeing bbj Interiour

On board of Boeing 737 BBJ passengers can really feel like at home, as the cabin is really spacious with high ceiling. Cabin square size is close to 100 meters.

Boeing 737 BBJ Interiour

BBJ suits best for flights with the whole family for vacation or with all your friends to some event. There would be enough space for everybody on board and baggage compartment will house all suitcases and other luggage you need to take. BBJ is also convenient to use for corporate group charters and tours of all kind.  It is possible to have full rest during flights or prepare for coming events. In the rear part of the aircraft not only spacious wardroom is situated, but also full-size shower cabin.

Boeing business jet Interiour

Another advantage of BBJ is that from technical point of view it is Boeing 737. More than 10,000 Boeing 737 are operated worldwide for scheduled and charter flights. There are maintenance centers with certified engineers and pool of spare parts in all airports where this fleet of Boeing 737 performs flights. In case of technical issue, it is possible to solve it fast and continue flight program.

Boeing BBJ lavatory room

Boeing Business Jet price

Price of a new Boeing Business Jet starts from 75 million US dollars and depends on passenger cabin finishing and additional equipment installed. Pre-owned twenty-year-old BBJ can be found on the market for 20 million USD. In case you would like to purchase Boeing Business Jet we are ready to consult you about the whole process and assist on all stages of purchase, entry into operation and private jet management. We can also sell your aircraft for commercial charter flights when you do not use it.

Boeing 737 BBJ cabin

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