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Learjet 75 Liberty private jet

Bombardier started deliveries of the new version of Learjet 75 – Liberty. The first private jet will be delivered to Alex Lyon & Sonin in the USA.

One of the key advantages of Learjet 75 Liberty noted by Bombardier is low operating costs that are compared with light private jets. It is also important that Learjet 75 Liberty purchase price is lower than purchase price of previous Learjet 75 previous version. Liberty version has less options in basic version that made possible to make the price 3 million USD lower. Performance of this private jet is the same and is really outstanding.

Learjet 75 Liberty private jet

Bombardier think that lower price will open Learjet 75 Liberty to wide audience of buyers and this will re-load sales of Learjet 75 that were declining for the last five years.

Price of basic version of Learjet 75 Liberty is 9,9 million USD. Previous Learjet 75 basic price tag was 13,8 million USD. Two seats in the front part are replaced with ottomans and tables, making the front zone of higher comfort. Four seats in the rear part form the club zone.