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British operators call for positioning business aviation as a tool for doing business - and nothing more.

Despite the efforts of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) to create an image of the industry as a vital part of the transport system for European business, many operators succumb to the temptation to advertise their services in light of propaganda of "glossy" or "elite" lifestyle. Experts call such marketing "suicidal recklessness." The need to distance business aviation from the image of "greedy capitalists" and to promote its true values, such as "saving valuable time, which is a vital resource for economic recovery for the benefit of all", was noted. 

The official release also says that the image of business operators in the eyes of the public has recently sent a kind of social irritant. Meanwhile, the European Championships and the Olympic Games present the business aviation industry "a unique opportunity to fully demonstrate its true strengths." 

During the Olympics, passenger traffic in the capital Heathrow will increase to 138 thousand people a day (this is 45 percent more than on ordinary days). In this way, business aviation operators will not only provide an opportunity for many fans to attend the competition without delay, but will help ease the pressure on London's transport system. And if you divide the cost of a charter into 6-8 passengers, and subtract the cost of ground transportation and hotel accommodation for extra days, then business aviation will appear in a favorable light from a financial point of view. This should be emphasized.