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Pilatus PC-24 type certificate in Russia

The Federal Air Transport Agency issued two type certificates - for the new private jet Pilatus PC-24 of the Swiss company Pilatus and the Williams International FJ44-4A-QPM aircraft engine, which is used on this business jet.

Now it is possible to purchase, register and operate Pilatus PC-24 in Russian Federation. Deliveries to Russia for 2021 are already confirmed.

The technical characteristics of the Pilatus PC-24 allow it to operate flights to airports with a short runway. With a maximum take-off weight of 8.3 tons, Pilatus PC-24 requires only 860 meters, for landing - about 725 meters. With a maximum payload, it is possible to fly over a distance of 3,500 kilometers.

Pilatus PC-24 type certificate in Russia

Pilatus PC-24 can really be called practical - a luggage compartment with large hatches that opens up and allows you to load a bulky cargo using a forklift, a comfortable interior, a kitchen with the possibility to serve hot catering.

To date, more than 70 PC-24 have been sold and are in operation in 11 countries around the world.

But the main feature of Pilatus PC-24 is the ability to land on unpaved runways, which makes it truly versatile. The PC-12 turprop chassis technologies developed over 20 years have made it possible to create a jet aircraft certified for landing on an unpaved surface.

Pilatus PC-24 type certificate in Russia