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Аренда самолета


Currently, it has not been possible to launch fly taxis and air ambulances in Moscow on any significant scale. But the administration of the Moscow region is preparing to implement plans, which include the establishment of air communication not only in the region, but also to the neighbors.

About 10 helipads are planned to be built along the Moscow Ring Road, making them accessible to everyone for a set fee.

These helipads are planned to be located at the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road with the main routes leaving Moscow. It is planned that these sites will be primarily used for the evacuation of patients. 

But there are several constraining factors that can stand in the way of aviation development. Over the past 10 years, the fleet of aircraft available in the region has decreased 10 times. Also, besides the lack of technology, there is one more nuance. Last week, the country's leaders said they are switching from land to air transport so as not to create unnecessary traffic jams on the ground. But in this way "traffic jams" will move to the sky. If the country's leadership takes off, then the sky is closed within a radius of 100 km.