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Starting from March 7, the Moscow sky is not a restricted zone any longer, which is associated with the entry into force of the order of the Ministry of Transport No. 11 dated 01.24.2013. Now transit aircraft are allowed to fly over the territory of Moscow on echelons of more than 8,100 meters. At the moment, one can fly over Moscow only with the special permission of dispatchers. On May 2, it is planned to remove all restrictions related to obtaining permits. This period of time was taken specifically to make changes to international reference books. 

This measure is necessary, since transit traffic in the Moscow air hub is thousands of aircraft per month. Until March 7, they were sent over Moscow only in case of emergency - too long waiting for the corridor or poor weather conditions on alternative routes. 

There are also plans to allow flights over Moscow at echelons of 1,500 and 3,000 meters, which would increase the number of take-offs and landings at all Moscow airports. This project has already been agreed with all structures, including the Ministry of Defense and the FSB. The only party that stops this process is the Moscow City Hall. In their opinion, flights at such an altitude will significantly increase the level of noise and harmful emissions in the capital.