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Аренда самолета


Embraer has received a certificate of type for its Legacy 450 mid-range private jet from the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency. The manufacturer hopes to receive the certificate of type from the European agency in September, and from the American agency in October-November this year. The private jet is currently being produced according to the delivery schedule, with the first aircraft expected to be delivered at the end of 2015.

According to certificate of type, the aircraft has the following performance characteristics: 

- maximum range at a cruising speed is 4,769 km 

- take-off distance 1,166 m 

- landing distance 635 m 

- maximum altitude 13,716 m 

- maximum operating speed 0.83 Mach 

- maximum payload 1,350 kg 

- load with full fuel filling 738 kg 

- the length of the cabin is 6.7 m 

- interior width 1.82m 

- interior height 1.80m 

The aircraft is designed to carry up to 9 passengers. The cost of this aircraft is 15 million US dollars.