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The Learjet 85 project is already several years behind the originally announced schedule, due to problems with composite materials from which the fuselage and wings should be made. But at the same time, it was possible to start flight tests of the Learjet 85. Two other projects with a higher priority for Bombardier are still at earlier stages of development – C-Series has not yet taken off due to nuances with engines, and the Global 7000/8000 have not yet reached flight tests stage.

It is expected that by next year it will be possible to overcome the existing nuances and then there will be as many as three projects in the flight test stage, which may be too difficult for Bombardier in terms of resources. And in this situation, it is most likely that the Learjet 85 project will be suspended. C-Series is the highest priority from the point of view of the aircraft's prospects, and the Global 7000 and 8000 programs are the most marginal for the company. 

An updated Learjet 85 flight test program has not yet been published.