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Аренда самолета


Nextant Aerospace has begun work on its new turboprop aircraft project, the G90XT. It is essentially a redesigned King Air C90. The main features are General Electric H75 engines, a set of Garmin avionics, modified aerodynamics and new passenger compartment. 

When creating the Nextant G90XT, the King Air C90 will be used directly with which modifications will be carried out. The aircraft will soon be relocated to Seattle, where work will be carried out on a new project. 

Nextant Aerospace expects the first results by July 2014 - by this time the company expects to get an opinion from the engineers on how much the calculated characteristics can be materialized on a real aircraft. 

The Nextant G90XT is not planned as a new aircraft, but as a kit for the upgrade of King Air C90 in service centers around the world.