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Аренда самолета


Honda Aircraft is going to receive the Federal Aviation Administration certification for its aircraft in a few months. The Japanese were able to become the first company that was able to develop their own business jet without participation and support from the state and bring it to flight tests. Recall that at the moment, Honda Aircraft has a preliminary FFA certificate for its lightweight composite business jet, which allows it to study the features of operating its HondaJet and at the same time prepare crews for flying business jets. The company has previously built four test aircraft, which have spent in total 2,500 flight hours in the air.

According to Honda Aircraft President Mitimasa Fujino, the company has completed almost all of the aircraft's tests and submitted the necessary reports required by the FAA, and is very close to receiving the final type certification of the HondaJet business jet. The company will build 17 aircraft at its factories by the end of this year, which have already found happy customers, and next year they plan to build 50 more private jets.Recall that the HondaJet aircraft is capable of accommodating 4 passengers and can fly at a speed of over 770 km/h at an altitude of 13 thousand meters.

The preliminary cost of the aircraft is estimated at US $ 4.5 million. Currently, Honda has received over 100 pre-orders for the new product.