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Gulfstream Savannah

Despite developing worldwide situation with Covid-19 Gulfstream continues work and makes no adjustments to private-jet production plans. According to company production of private jet at Savannah facility continues, as continues Gulfstream G700 flight tests program.

This week Gulfstream made donations of individual protection to medical centers in New York. Company launched production of medical equipment on 3D printers. Gulfstream also contributed more than 3,000 N95 filter masks, more than 3,000 protective suits and money donations to organizations that are fighting against Covid-19 in Savannah, Dallas, Long Beach, California and Wisconsin.

Gulfstream G700 flight tests program started in February that shows high stage of development of this project. Five private jets that are already built will take part in flight test and one private jet will be used for structural tests.

It is hard to make any prognoses in current situation for 2020 figures. In 2019 Gulfstream delivered 147 private jets to owners that is 28 private jets more than supplied in 2018. Earlier estimate for 2020 was 150 private jets. We will see what would be actual figures at the end of 2020 and hope they would match with an estimate.