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Presentation of new Gulstream 2021 G800 and G400

The autumn parade of new business jet models continues. Gulfstream Aerospace has unveiled two completely new private jets in the ultra-long range and heavy categories: Gulfstream G800 and Gulfstream G400. The presentation took place at the manufacturer's headquarters in Savannah and was conducted online on the company's website, as well as on social networks.

Presentation of new Gulstream 2021 G800

The flagship model Gulfstream G800 will have the highest cruising speed and range in the company's model list. At a speed of Mach 0.85, the maximum flight range will be almost 15,000 kilometers, at a speed of Mach 0.90, about 13,000 kilometers. The G800 offers various cabin layouts for up to 19 passengers and consists of 4 passenger areas or 3 passenger areas and 1 crew rest area. The first deliveries of the G800 are scheduled for 2023.

Presentation of new Gulstream 2021 G400

The Gulfstream G400 will deliver lowest fuel consumption in its class of private jets, thanks to aerodynamic wing designs and new upgraded Pratt & Whitney PW812GA engines. The estimated maximum flight range is about 7,800 kilometers at a cruising speed of Mach 0.85. At the moment, three cabin layouts have been developed - for nine, eleven and twelve passengers. The start of deliveries to the owners is currently scheduled for 2025.