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Аренда самолета


At the MAKS exhibition TsAGI will present a model of a new supersonic aircraft in two versions, as a business jet for 20 passengers and a commercial version for 80 people. Now work is underway to study the aerodynamic, gas-dynamic and acoustic characteristics of the aircraft and its power plants. The structural and power scheme of the aircraft was preliminarily developed. Options are being developed to install jet engines on the airliner based on existing engines, as well as on those that may appear in the near future.

TsAGI plans by 2020 to create such an engine for this airliner, which will be possible to use in European cities with their noise restrictions when breaking the sound barrier when the aircraft reaches supersonic speed. A prototype of the aircraft is going to be built and launched into the air by 2025. The cruising speed of the aircraft when flying to the transatlantic range will not be lower than 1900 km/h. If everything goes according to plan, then Russia will have its first supersonic private jet.