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Аренда самолета


Gulfstream Aerospace announced that the new G500 aircraft successfully completed its first flight. As a reminder, the G500 is part of the company's renewal program for its business jet range. In order to certify its G500, the manufacturer is going to produce five aircraft, not three, as other manufacturers usually do. This will provide an opportunity to check all interior elements and the integration of passenger compartment systems. The G500 has a range of 9,260 km at a speed of Mach 0.85, and the cabin is divided into three passenger zones with a total capacity of 19 people.

The cabin is equipped with side control consoles with feedback, the new cockpit is equipped with touch screens and all existing security and situational awareness systems. The business jet has been supplied with new engines with an increased overhaul life of up to 10,000 hours. The manufacturer plans to receive a type certificate from the US Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency in 2017, and start of deliveries is scheduled for 2018.