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BBJ MAX private jet

Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) (a division of Boeing) rolled out its first BBJ MAX8 last week (the aircraft has already received the tail number VP-CMA, serial 42959). Yesterday, the liner performed its first test flight. Boeing Business Jets currently has 20 firm orders for BBJ MAX aircraft.

Boeing launched the BBJ MAX program in 2014. The manufacturer was the first to present the BBJ MAX8 to the general public. This aircraft is based on the latest 737 MAX. The new airliner is the first BBJ MAX aircraft to take full advantage of CFM International new, more efficient LEAP-1B engines and Boeing twin feather tips. The new engines and wingtips have reduced fuel consumption by 13% and 1.5%, respectively. In practice, new BBJ will achieve a range of 6325 nautical miles (11,713 km), 14% more than the most advanced BBJ2 models available today.

The new line is based on a model based on the Boeing 737-800 (MAX8). In 2019, the Boeing 737-900 (MAX9) model will enter the market, and only a year later, an analogue of the 700th model, which is currently the most popular among customers, will appear.

“We continue to see strong customer engagement with the Boeing Business Jets family, resulting in new orders and growing order list,” said Greg Laxton, Chief Executive Officer of Boeing Business Jets. “Customers are favoring aircraft with more spacious cabins and long range, which is driving significant growth in this segment. The performance benefits of the BBJ MAX are significant sales boosters. The aircraft is ideal for even the most discerning customers who want to fly long distances without fuel stops. "