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Аренда самолета


The Falcon 8X project was announced to public only in May, and the first private jet for ground and flight tests is almost ready. The Dassault plant in Bordeaux announced that the installation of wings on the fuselage is being prepared in the near future, and this is already a serious step and an indicator of a fairly high degree of project readiness. Following the installation of the fenders, 3 Pratt & Whitney engines will be installed. According to the manufacturer's plans, the first flight tests should begin in early 2015.

Compared to the Falcon 7X, the Falcon 8X will boast more fuel efficiency and, as a result, lower operating costs. This result is planned to be achieved through more efficient engines and a redesigned wing shape. 

Dassault expects to complete certification and begin deliveries of the private jet by the end of 2016.