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Аренда самолета


Demand for Falcon 7X in China continues to be strong. The country already operates about 30 such business jets. Potential buyers were interested in how the private jet will behave when departing from small high-altitude airports, which are abundant in China. 

Realizing the need to answer such a question, Dassault sent a Falcon 7X to China with both a foreign and a Chinese pilot on board. The tests took place at Daoheng Yadin and Yuzhai Haung Lung airports, located at an altitude of 4400 meters and 3350 meters, respectively. During the tests, various emergency situations were worked out, such as, for example, the failure of one of the engines. 

As a result of the tests, the Falcon 7X received positive reviews and was certified by the Chinese aviation authorities for flights to airports located at an altitude of more than 4600 meters above sea level.