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Falcon 6X private jet

Dassault Aviation overcomes difficulties caused by spread of COVID worldwide and moves towards performance of the first test flight of Falcon 6X that is scheduled for the beginning of 2021. Possibility to keep up with the announced schedule of Falcon 6X production and development program is one of the key priorities as it shows possibility to successfully work in difficult and changing environment.

Falcon 6X private jet

Three aircraft will be used in flight test program. First aircraft is already built and is currently in ground test program. Two other aircraft are at different stages of construction: on second aircraft wings were successfully attached to the body, third aircraft is at an early stage of construction. Test aircrafts are equipped with additional equipment to record telemetries and other important flight parameters. Third aircraft will have full passenger cabin interior to conduct tests of all elements and systems in the air. Currently passenger interior systems and elements are in test program on ground.

Falcon 6X private jet

Electronics, fuel and hydraulic systems tests have already been performed. Currently digital flight system is passing ground tests. Airframe is tested for damage and material stress.

New digital flight control system is used on Falcon 6X that ensures more smooth flight operation and provides more flexibility in maneuvers. Traditionally for Dassault technologies from military aircraft migrate to private jets. Falcon 6X got a new multifunctional part of wing mechanization that is called flaperon.

Falcon 6X private jet

Falcon 6X has the highest and the widest passenger cabin among private jets that were originally designed as private jets (Airbus Corporate Jet and Boeing Business Jet are passenger airliners with VIP passenger cabin installed).

Pratt & Whitney Canada PW812D engines will be used on Falcon 6X. These engines currently pass flight tests on board of special flight laboratory on Boeing 747. The engines have already passed more that 1500 hours of ground tests and 200 hours of flight tests.

Certification of Falcon 6X is scheduled for 2022. New private jet Falcon 6X price is estimated at level of 47 million USD.

In case you would like to purchase Dassault Falcon 6X we are ready to consult on purchase and operation process and assist in purchase, start of operation and management of your private jet. We can organise charter sales of your private jet when you do not use it and profit from these flights would cover some part of private jet ownership expenses.

Purchase and management of Falcon 6X:

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