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Falcon 6X low temperature tests

In northern Canada, tests of the new Falcon 6X have been successfully completed at low temperatures. For these tests, prototype number three flew from the Falcon test center near Marseille to the Canadian city of Iqaluit.

During the tests, the prototype aircraft performed flights to fully simulate operation at low temperatures, during which procedures were carried out to warm up the aircraft, launch and check the performance of all on-board systems, start the APU and engines, and check the operation of hydraulic systems. Dassault has announced that it has successfully passed this stage of testing and is progressing to the next stage of low temperature testing at temperatures below -40 ° C.

Testing in Canada began following the Pratt & Whitney PW812D Falcon 6X engines being certified by Transport Canada.

So far, three Falcon 6X prototypes have flown about 500 hours on more than 150 test flights. In the near future, it is planned to complete the assembly of a pre-production model with a fully assembled passenger compartment and all on-board systems and begin flight tests.