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Аренда самолета


Cessna Aircraft has recently been actively looking for new ways to drive sales of its business jets. This time the marketing program is aimed at Citation Sovereign. 

As a bonus to your Sovereign aircraft, Cessna is offering the so-called Sovereign Shield package. This package includes a full 5-year or 1500-hour warranty on all aircraft components. For this period, the cost of scheduled maintenance and components will be almost zero. Cessna Aircraft believes this will make Sovereign more attractive in terms of operating costs than its competitors.

The new Citation Sovereign maximum flight range of up to 5,500 kilometers, the maximum number of passengers has been increased to 12. The aircraft is equipped with new wingtips, which have increased the maximum flight altitude and, as a result, increased the flight range. Also, in comparison with the previous model, the air conditioning and control system of the passenger compartment has been improved, new avionics and automatic traction devices have been installed.