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Bombardier stops production of Learjet

Bombardier announced that decision is made to stop production of Learjet private jet family. General Director of Bombardier Eric Martel noted that decision to stop production of Learjet family after almost 60 years history was one of the hardest to make.

First Lerajet 23 was produced in 1963. Since then almost three thousand Learjets of different models were produced. At a certain period of time Learjet was one of the most well know private jets. Currently Learjet fails to withstand competition with other light jets from new aircraft manufacturers and Bombardier decided to focus all efforts on heavy and ultra-long range jets – Challenger and Global families.

Closure of Learjet department will lead to 1500 employees losing their jobs. Mr. Martel noted that this hard step is needed to optimize model range of Bombardier and will make possible to recover the company.
Flight support programs and modernization programs of all Learjets in operation will be definitely continued. Due to optimization Bombardier does not plan to invest in creation of new private jet models in the next years.