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Аренда самолета


On March 14, Textron, which owns the Cessna brand, announced that its acquisition of Beech Holdings has been completed. Beech Holdings is the parent company of the Beechcraft Corporation. At the moment, the merger of the Cessna and Beechcraft holding divisions has begun. 

Cessna and Beechcraft combined revenue in 2013 of about $ 4.6 billion. With the merger of the Hawker, Beechcraft and Cessna brands, Textron will become the largest private jet company.

Speaking of plans for the development of Textron, it is planned to maintain the production of the highly popular King Air aircraft, as well as ultralight piston aircraft. The continuation of Hawker aircraft production is not planned. The management of the holding expects to see the current owners of Hawker as owners of Cessna aircraft.