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Cessna CJ4 private jet

Cessna celebrated 10th anniversary of model Citation CJ4. First flight of CJ4 took place on April 20, 2010. Currently there are 320 CJ4 in operation world-wide. Price of new Cessna CJ4 starts from 10 million USD.

CJ4 is a new stage of development of Citation Jet family. It has loner flight range, higher cruise speed, larger cabin size. But operating expenses are still at the level of light-jet class.

Standard cabin layout is for 7 passengers with 4 seats club zone, 2 individual executive seats and 1 seat opposite entrance. 8 passenger layout is also available with a double-seat divan facing the entrance. Separate baggage compartment in tail part can house up to 450 kilograms of luggage.

Williams FJ44-4A engines are mounted on CJ4 and are equipped with FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) system that ensures engine optimal performance. Maximum flight range is 4,010 kilometers that makes possible to connect with direct flights such cities as London and Larnaca, Geneva and Tel-Aviv. 1,000 meter runway is enough for CJ4 operation. Maximum cruse speed is close to private jets of higher class and is up to 835 kilometers per hour.

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