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Аренда самолета

Eurocopter EC155


Year of manufacture 2003
Flight range, (km) 609
Cruise speed, (km/h) 278
Maximum number of passengers 6
Number of engines 2

Internal dimensions

Cabin length, (m) 2,55
Cabin height, (m) 1,34
Maximum cabin width, (m) 1,88
Baggage compartment volume, (m3) 2.50

Helicopter description

The Eurocopter EC 155 helicopter is powered by two engines, and its passenger cabin is one of the widest in its class. A five-blade rotor and most advanced anti-vibration and noise reduction systems provide for an unrivaled level of comfort. The Eurocopter EC 155 autopilot system reacts to the slightest change in flight conditions and makes adjustments to the operation of all the systems.