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Currently the main airport in Rostov-on-Don is Platov International Airport. It is located in 29 kilometers to city center. Platov airport replaced Rostov international airport in 2017. The old Rostov airport was opened in 1929 and now is not used for scheduled operations, but can be opened for single charter flight.

Platov airport runway length is 3,600 meters. It is possible to perform flights to Rostov on all types of private jets without limitations. Airport is open in 24/7 format.

There is special VIP terminal in Rostov for private jet passengers. All arrival and departure formalities can be passed in this terminal and take the minimum of time. You can arrive at the airport just 30 minutes prior your private jet departure time. There is also dedicated apron for private jets parking near this VIP terminal.

Private jet charter Rostov-on-Don Private jet charter Rostov-on-Don

Travel concierge

Our company provides full travel concierge services in Rostov-on-Don.

Hotels booking
  • Boutique Hotel 39
    Hotel Residence (Izvolte)
    Petrovsky Prichal Hotel&SPA
    Radisson Blu Hotel Rostov-on-Don
    Old House Resort & SPA Hotel
    Soho Grand Hotel
VIP car transfer
  • Mercedes-Benz V-class
  • Mercedes-Benz S-class
  • Mercedes-Benz Maybach

Private jet charter Rostov-on-Don

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