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Аренда самолета

Gulfstream G450


Year of manufacture 2013
Flight range, (km) 8 061
Cruise speed, (km/h) 850
Maximum number of passengers 14

Internal dimensions

Cabin length, (m) 13.71
Cabin height, (m) 1.88
Maximum cabin width, (m) 2.24
Baggage compartment volume, (m3) 4.8


Private jet description

The Gulfstream G450 offers the finest technology available in private jets today – touch screen control panels, iPhone doc stations, a satellite phone and internet access – everything that might be needed during the flight for work or leisure.

Gulfstream G450 pilots enjoy super capabilities that ensure a most comprehensive control over the flight – with the help of an interactive system of synthetic vision and flight data indication it becomes possible to see more even in severe weather or low light conditions. 

  • Наличие печки
  • Спутникой телефон
  • Наличие бортпроводника
  • Розетка 220V
  • Видео развлекательная система
  • Кофеварка