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Аренда самолета

Falcon 7X


Year of manufacture 2014
Flight range, (km) 11 200
Cruise speed, (km/h) 904
Maximum number of passengers 13

Internal dimensions

Cabin length, (m) 11.9
Cabin height, (m) 1.88
Maximum cabin width, (m) 2.34
Baggage compartment volume, (m3) 4


Private jet description

The top private jet model of the French manufacturer Dassault Aviation designed for intercontinental flights. Equipped with three engines, the Falcon 7X would easily fly direct from Moscow to New York or Beijing without any fuel stops. Three engines make it possible to take off from high mountain airports with the maximum fuel load, which offers the opportunity to perform ultra-long flights even when you are forced to depart in such conditions.

One can find virtually everything on board – an entertainment multimedia system of the HD format, a satellite phone, wi-fi, a sensor control panel. A climate control system of the last generation is installed on the Falcon 7X to maintain a stable pressure, temperature and humidity. Falcon 7X piloting is fully computerized, involving technologies tested and developed for military aircraft, which makes it possible for the pilots to fully control the flight and to maintain the highest flight safety standards. 

  • Наличие печки
  • Спутникой телефон
  • Наличие бортпроводника
  • Розетка 220V
  • Видео развлекательная система
  • Кофеварка